Christopher Knippers
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Christopher Knippers, Ph.D. (Clinical Psychology) & furry pal, Kelani

Christopher Knippers, Ph.D. (Clinical Psychology) & furry pal, Kelani

Christopher has spent his psychology career as a psychotherapist, writer, and speaker for over 30 years. Since early childhood, he has been on a personal quest to find healing due to being diagnosed with numerous fatal conditions throughout his life, and then miraculously recovering stronger than before. He shares his findings through his writing, speaking and personal consultations. He is most passionate about helping people discover fulfillment in life through healing relationships. Relationships not only with other humans, but also their relationships with nature and with their higher power; all of which can bring significant healing and fulfillment.

In addition to his current independent writing, consulting, and speaking career, his professional affiliations have included the Betty Ford Center, Chapman University, and Mission Hospital.

For over 25 years of practice, Dr. Knippers has worked with many celebrated people from the entertainment industry, and international leaders.  He has helped thousands of people overcome the death-grip of addiction, and the paralysis of depression and anxiety.  Thousands of his clients have gone on to live happy fulfilling lives.

Christopher transitioned from full-time psychotherapy, university teaching, and healthcare administration to independent consulting and writing in 2014.  A story about the affect of the “Aloha spirit” on a boy stranded alone on an uncharted island came to him spontaneously several years earlier.  The story stayed with him and continued to unfold in his mind until he finally took a break from full-time pursuits in the fields of psychology, healthcare and education and pursued his passion of writing.  As he sat down and wrote Aloha Kai, he realized that the main character, Ian, actually represented his own amazing discovery of the healing affect in his life of communing wth God through the beauty of the Hawaiian islands where he was born and grew up.  His fourth year of life was extremely traumatic, but he found healing out under a particular palm tree in his front yard overlooking the vast Hawaiian pacific waters.  A comfort that surpassed comprehension filled the little boy enduring so much trauma and hardship.  Aloha Kai captures the essence of this experience, and explains it in a beautiful mystical tropical world.

He also writes under the pen name, Kikila.


Christopher's current literary project, Aloha Kai: An Adventure in the Power of Aloha, illustrates the mysterious power of the Aloha spirit.  Set in the 1900's Hawaiian landscape, this adventure novel brings to life what has drawn millions of visitors to the islands throughout the centuries. (Publication, TBA)

His research on the factors that help addicts find and maintain long-term sobriety is available on Amazon Books: Filling the Void: Finding and Maintaining a Satisfying Life. This research is based on his many years working directly with addicts in many settings.

The self-published book Cultivating Confidence provides readers with Christopher's personal account of how changing one’s thoughts can be the catalyst for change one’s life. Presented in a way that is easy to understand, Cultivating Confidence uses Cognitive Behavior Therapy principles to guide the reader through this process so they too can steer through changes in their own life.

Dr. Knippers’ first publication, Common Sense Intuition and God’s Guidance (Thomas Nelson Publishers, 1993) has given many thousands of people access to the forces that guide our lives in the daily quest of seeking and finding the truth for ourselves.

His also connects with readers through his blogs Coping With Chronic Disease and Relationships & Other Mysteries of Life, which respectively offer practical steps to physical, emotional, and spiritual healing and building meaningful personal connections.




"Dr. Knippers has made the disease of addiction clear, practical, and OK to talk about.  A well-researched, easy to read book which guides the reader in not only understanding addiction, but also in developing empathy for the addict.  A must-have reference for any professional; and for anyone whose life has been touched by addiction and wants answers."

- Michelle Buckman, Ph.D., Loma Linda University, and UCLA Medical School


"With experience, wisdom, and gentle caring Christopher dispenses practical guidance and hope to all. I find something in every post to raise my spirits."

- Sandy Asher, Play-write, Author


"Christopher’s announcement that he was publishing another book was so thrilling to hear. He has a rare and unique ability to relate to our humanity on a real and authentic level wile inspiring us to a higher level of behavior and consciousness. I eagerly wait its release."

- Daine Askew, Ph.D., Clinical Psychology


"Christopher Knippers’ well-crafted and thoughtful essays offer a fresh perspective into the healing process. His experiences with chronic illness makes him a mentor. He shares for the point of view that chronic disease (no matter the format) manifests in order to provide you with an access point towards embracing your own humanity."

- Renee Baribeau, Author, Winds of Spirit, Hay House Publishers, 2018


"Christopher Knippers writes in a way that is understandable. While some of his work refers to higher power, his words of wisdom for living life speak to everyone."

- Joe Lauderdale, Play-write, Director, Actor, Editor


"Aloha Kai is is a book that will rival the classics of children’s fiction, and cross-over to adults. A story that not only presents history and educates regarding a culture and language, but also holds one (adult or child) captive with its descriptive narrative and intriguing theme. Aloha Kai will become a cherished treasure."

- Cindy Hecker, Educator, Editor


"With Christopher’s loving spiritual life he is magnificent at writing to make us connect to each character in his thought-provoking books."

- Michael Root, Businessman, Investor


"Dr. Knippers’ writings are insightful and profound, yet easily understood. His latest book, Aloha Kai, is his best work yet. It is true history (unknown to most people), with great suspense and very insightful truth."

- Lisabeth Udell, Author (Come Walk With Me Jesus), Editor